Load up on antioxidants & Detoxify now!
Load up on antioxidants & Detoxify now!
Sunkist Dash

With grape seed extract

The new Sunkist® Dash Orange with a powerful antioxidant - grape seed extract. Grape seed extract contains natural bioflavonoids providing the most abundant antioxidant in the human diet. Antioxidants protect and defend cells from oxidative stress and attack by free radicals.

Our skin is constantly exposed to free radical damages from sunlight, environmental pollutants and stress. Get your boost of antioxidant with Sunkist® Dash Orange to aid skin tissue repair giving you firmer and clearer skin. Sunkist® Dash Orange gives you the thirst quenching boost too! Try one today.

Rich in dietary fibre

The new Sunkist® Dash Apple Juice with Dietary Fiber is filled with detoxifying benefits. Dietary fiber helps stimulate the growth and activity to beneficial bacterial in the colon. This helps support digestive health for overall wellbeing.

Nutritionists recommend fiber intake of 25 - 38gm per day to promote a balanced gastrointestinal tract. Drink Sunkist® Dash Apple Juice with Dietary Fiber to supplement your healthy serving of grains, fruits & vegetables.

Sunkist® Dash Apple juice gives you that refreshing feeling too! Try one today.

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