Magnolia RTD Milk
Pasteurised Milk:
Magnolia Fresh Milk
Sterilised Milk:
Magnolia Sterilised Hi-Cal Milk
Fun Pack 150ml and 200ml
Family Pack 445ml and 890ml
Magnolia Good Morning / Good Night Low Fat Milk
Magnolia Pasteurised Fresh Milk
Fresh Milk Fresh Milk

Magnolia fresh milk has that delicious smooth and creamy taste we all love PLUS all the goodness that milk provides. It can be enjoyed chilled or warm, plain or mixed with other foods or beverages such as breakfast cereals, porridge, tea, and coffee, chocolate or even blended into a smoothie with your favorite fruit!.
Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk.

Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk.

Magnolia Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk is made from fresh milk so it gives you the nourishing goodness your body needs with the same delicious taste of fresh milk! High in calcium, it helps you build strong bones and teeth. Two glasses of Magnolia Lo-Fat Hi-Cal milk a day is all you need to meet your daily requirement. With only less than half the fat of regular fresh milk, it is a healthier choice for you.

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