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Is friends with the LIP×LIP duo. She is a rival of the idol group LIPxLIP. During her first year in middle school, she met Koyuki and despite a disastrous first encounter full of misunderstandings, the two became friends and she fell in love with him. He has trouble being honest and his words sometimes end up hurting people. Another anime film titled Kono Sekai no Tanoshimikata: Secret Film was released on December 25, 2020. She disapproves of Ken's womanizing behavior and after criticizing his behavior, he takes an interest in her. The game is a rhythm game that prominently features the primary cast of Kokuhaku Jikkō Iinkai, both in-story and sharing the majority of songs available for the game. She starts to like him, but his flirty ways and many girlfriends discourage her from acting on her feelings. The songs have spawned into various media forms including manga, novel, and anime adaptations. Title Insert song s Original air date 1 "Spring, First Love, and The Color of Sakura" Transcription: " Haru, Hatsukoi, Sakurairo. HoneyWorks Official Website in Japanese. Both films are produced by Qualia Animation with direction and scripts respectively by Tetsuya Yanagisawa and Yoshimi Narita. He recognized Sena on his commute by train to school and has wanted to talk to her, but cannot muster the courage to do so. Younger sister of the Sakuragaoka faculty member Hiro Ogino. He secretly has a crush on Natsuki. Even though she admires the concept of love, she has never experienced falling in love herself. She has her own desire to be treated like a princess and falls in love with the princely idol Asuka Kaido at a bookstore. She is not good at talking with boys, but she gets along with Haruki. They deny the rumors while struggling to confess their feelings to each other. Shares a friendly rivalry with his idol partner Aizo, although they did not get along at first. He breaks up with his girlfriends, intending to have Arisa as his only focus. She styles her pink hair in twin pigtails. Has a crush on Nakuru, a girl he collaborated with for a music video, but when he confesses he is rejected by her and asked to remain friends. He does not like his older brother or mother, the latter because she neglects both brothers and abuses him, and the former for his womanizing. The film is based on the songs "Kokuhaku Yokō Renshū," "Hatsukoi no Ehon," and "Yakimochi no Kotae," which tell the third year students' love stories. She admires Sena and wears her hair the same way Sena does. While there's not a lot of informaton on her, she seems to have a connection with Koyuki Ayase. The film is a part of HoneyWorks' 10th anniversary project and the animation production is done by CLAP. The story focuses on Mio Aida and Haruki Serizawa with new elements added to the plot; the series adapts the songs "Hatsukoi Ehon" and "Ippun'ichibyō Kimi to Boku. Toshiyuki Toyonaga December 30, 2018 LOVE Fukase, flower August 26, 2020 "Heroine Tarumono! HoneyWorks Official web site in Japanese. After Arisa scolds him for his behavior, he begins to rethink himself, realizing that his casual relationships are not serious. It came out on November 18, 2020, the 9th anniversary of their PV for "Hatsukoi no Ehon", and was developed by Akatsuki Inc. Unbeknown to Midori, she has noticed him too and wants to talk to him. Shares a friendly rivalry with his idol partner Yujiro, but comes to see him as an important friend. Maki Fujii serves as character designer adapting Yamako's art and as chief animation director. An anime television series by Lay-duce titled premiered in November 2017. She is a varsity volleyball player, the best in her team, and is admired by her female juniors. Two anime films titled and were released in 2016. His mother married into a prestigious theater line, but he himself was rejected as the heir in favor of his younger stepbrother Koichiro. The film is based on the songs "Ima Suki ni naru" and "Sankaku Jealousy," which tell the love story of Hina Setoguchi, Kotaro Enomoto, and Koyuki Ayase. HoneyWorks serves as a music producer. She gets supported by her older sister, Sena Narumi, to whom she looks up to. He is in love with Hina, but after he learns that Hina loves Koyuki, he tries to help her with her confession. Illustrations were solely done by Yamako up to volume 9, but later only provides the color illustrations; the duty is taken up by Ruia Shimakage from volume 10 onwards. He and Hina become a couple in their twenties. He was Chiaki's best friend and has known Haruki since childhood. His main subject is literature and he always wears a white coat so his clothes do not get dirty. The opening sung by is titled "Senpai. A boy with long hair and glasses who changed his appearance during his third year in high school after being teased for his feminine looks. A beautiful and nice, yet sort of clumsy girl, nobody knows what she is actually thinking. He falls in love with Miou and though they act like a couple, they are unable to confess their feelings to each other. On August 24, announced they would add the show to their catalog the next day. The stories focus on conflict and how hard it can be to confess one's love during youth days. Besides them, the story branches to various other love stories about the people around the original characters. A gentle, shy, and discreet girl. She later develops feelings for Kotaro and begins dating him in her twenties. Natsuki never teased him and because of this, he is in love with her, but he is aware of Natsuki and Yu's mutual feelings toward each other. She wants to confess her feelings, but she knows that Koyuki is in love with someone else. He is secretly in love with Natsuki, but unsure if the feeling is mutual. The game eventually was released as part of HoneyWorks' HoneyWorks Atelier project to celebrate their tenth active year, and was delayed to 2020. She is hardworking, but goes at her own pace. His blond hair and sharp eyes lead others to believe he is a bad student. Since Chiaki's death, his relationship with Haruki has been strained. His main solo song is "YELLOW". The volumes are written by Tōko Fujitani up to volume 6, and then Mari Kōsaka from volume 7 onwards. She is in love with her childhood friend Yu, but she fears that if he rejects her confession, their friendship will be ruined. As a result of their closeness, they are rumored to be dating. In middle school, she helped her classmate from being bullied, but ended up getting bullied herself. In 2020, HoneyWorks announced a new anime film with LIPxLIP as main characters titled Kono Sekai no Tanoshimikata: Secret Film. Her feelings are not reciprocated. To save face, she lies to him by stating that he is her practice confession partner. Confession Executive Committee: Love Series is a Japanese romance song series by. Originally from the countryside, she came to Tokyo for high school and joins the Track and Field Club as Hina's junior. He saved Mio from drowning when she was younger.